The following regular activities take place in Guilsborough Village Hall. Please contact the organisers directly if you would like to know more or would like to join.

 Indoor Bowls (Mon eve) Sheila Pollard 01604 740044
 Monday Morning Meet Janet Minney 01604 740640
 Pilates (Tues morning) Dorte Jensen 07767 470606
 Tai Chi (Tues afternoon) Sian Gaskins 01327 340885
 Ballet (various times) Zoe Dando 07585 774945
 Painting for Pleasure (Thurs morning) Victoria Parsons 01788 822938
 GMADS Drama (various times) Pam Townsend 01604 740900
 Pilates (Wednesday evening) Paula Edmonds 07799 798424

Other groups in Guilsborough that the Village Hall is pleased to support are..

Women's Institute
Bell ringers

We can put you into contact with these groups on request via email