Guilsborough Village Hall is managed as a Charity (ref 206196)

Our registration with the Charities Commission refers to the building's original name "Reading Room". You can learn more about its history in further pages.

The Trustees of the Village Hall include Guilsborough Parish Council, and an elected Village Hall Management Committee oversees the day to day running, maintenance and development of this valuable village resource.

The current elected committee is

Chairman :                              Mike Fulcher 07970 664190

Treasurer :                              Sue O'Neil

Development :                         Eve Wooldridge

User Bookings :                        Sue Needham 07342 382706

Committee member :              Pam Townsend

Key helpers are :                      Richard Furnell

Paul Jacobs

All of the above people are volunteers, and we would welcome the assistance of further helpers. There are many things that we would like to do if we could source funds and helpers.